Transcending Parkinson’s in a Virtual World

Creations for Parkinsons

This video provides a glimpse into what virtual worlds might have to offer through describing the Creations for Parkinson’s project in Second Life, known there as Creations Park. The video touches on a topic I’ve blogged about before, the impact of virtual experience on our physical lives. But just as important, it conveys the sense of freedom that a virtual world can offer someone facing physical challenges or social isolation. I think it also conveys some of the possibilities for creating community when people have these tools at their disposable. And finally, for readers of my earlier blog posts, it provides some more background on a woman with Parkinson’s who was featured in an earlier blog post. where she reports improved use of her legs in real life, as a result of her use of Second Life.

For those who would like to visit this project in Second Life, here’s the SLURL