Overview of Trauma-Informed Care – Podcast

Cat wearing an iPod

It just occurred to me that I never posted this interview here. Dr. Jonathan Singer, founder of The Social Work Podcast, was gracious enough to invite me to be interviewed as part of his podcast series: Continue reading

The Self, BodyMind, and Virtual Worlds

The World Grid and the Whirled Mind

One of the primary reasons that virtual worlds like Second Life fascinate me is because of what they teach us about who we are, how we know the world, and the nature of reality. One of the earliest experiences that intrigued me was how quickly I came to identify with my avatar, despite the fact that she looks nothing like me.

Body Mapping

I recently came across a post that offered an explanation for this phenomenon happens in the brain. The author, Peter Small, discusses “body mapping” theory and describes how it might apply to virtual worlds: Continue reading

How Strong is Your Personal Learning Network? Take this Quiz to Find Out

Establishing social networks to enhance professional development is a topic that I get excited about. So I was thrilled to stumble across this blog post by Lisa Nielson today (through my personal learning network- PLN!): Continue reading